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Maria Gomez

Software Developer. Agile Coach. Thoughtworker.

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About me

My name is Maria Gomez. I work as a consultant and software developer for Thoughtworks, where I help companies to become more agile by delivering excellent software and improving their technical skills.

I’m a bit of a traveller and I lived and worked in Madrid, Budapest, London and now New York.

Before Thoughtworks I worked for Vexed Digital (AKA Future Platforms), a independent digital agency based in London, creating web solutions for Dominos Pizza, Virgin Atlantic and Maggie’s Cancer Care among others.

I have somehow started giving talks, mainly in JavaScript, both in the US and in the UK. Watch this space for the latest in those ;)

My main passion is coaching and helping the next generation of developers to achieve their goals. I’m also really interested on motivating girls to learn about technology and to support them if they want to make IT their career. I organized the first Rails Girls event in New York after I felt inspired by the one I participated on in London. I have also participated in Women Who Code meetups and helped the grils from Arrive launching their product.

This blog is an attempt to pass some of the notes that I scribble in my pad into something more organized and lasting :P . It’s also a place for all the material I produced during my MA on digital media that I finished in 2012.

In the best of Thoughtworks and agile manners, comments and feedback are welcome.

You can also find me on Twitter, Linkedin and GitHub.

Hope you enjoy it! :)